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: International Visitors.
: LoneWolfREV March 10, 2010, 09:21:36
You don't speak polish but have something to say? This topis is for you.

Vocabulary you will need:

Reply - Odpowiedź
Quote - Cytuj
Edit - Modyfikuj
Notice me - Powiadamiaj
Add Poll - Dodaj Ankietę
Send this thread - Wyślij Ten Wątek
Print - Drukuja

Kudos dla Liska. Nie licze na gigantyczny odzew, ale zawsze może ;) Maile dostajemy nawet z Afryki :)
: Odp: International Visitors.
: lisek84 March 10, 2010, 10:15:16

First - I'm sorry for my poor English. This isn't official press release so i hope, It will be forgiven :) Also my keyboard is broken :P

I'm very proud to welcome you at official International Thread of WeWantLive Forum.

Before we can start, we must say something.

1. If you want to say something you must register at this forum. How to do:

Simply follow this steps:

1.1 - click on Button named "Rejestracja"


1.2 - After this, you will see screen like this. Enter your login data:



1.3 - After filling this, you must agree to the Terms of Use


1.4 - Check your e-mail account. - You will get an e-mail with activation link.
After Activating your account, you are ready to make your first post.

2. On this Forum You must respect some rules. Most of them was on the Terms Of Use, so on this thread they are:

2.1 - We Are All People, Show your respect. posts Like "I don't like Poland, I don't care what is in Romania, Greece etc - WILL BE REMOVED. Wars are over, so right here we don't care How our history looked like. - Any posts that will be written only to offend someone, or to make Flames will be removed!

2.2 - Post's with incorrect spelling, grammatic bugs etc - are safe, most of us are not Native English Speakers so just try to write something that can be understood by other readers.

3. So that's all Folks :)

Let's Start

Who we are, for what we are fighting you can read at our webpage
The Page is prepared for English readers.

We are sick of Microsoft's excuses. They were saying that thay will announce something important about Xbox Live in Poland so many times, that it's even hard to count it.

We begun our action, after Polish Xbox Marketing Manager from Polish division of Microsoft, said, that we don't have live, because the piracy is at very high level.
So - basicly - Piracy is reducing every year, so what they wanted to tell us before? So many times?

It was a spark that ignited a flame. - Flame that burned Microsoft chair's, so they start talking with us.

We make an agreement with MS:

They promised, that they will forward our demands to people responsible for Xbox Live, and we will have our answer on 30 days.

After 30 days of waiting, with an 1 hour delay we got this:

"Xbox is very committed to the Polish market and is appreciative of the passion and excitement that our community of users show for our products, including Xbox LIVE. This year, 2010, is going to be a historic year for Xbox and our aim is to bring to our Polish community of users the full and best interactive experiences possible on the Xbox 360. We currently finalizing our plans for the Polish market that we will become public at the forthcoming E3 consumer trade show, later in June. Our Polish community of Xbox users should expect to hear more about how we will take the Xbox 360 experience to another level in Poland."

So: We don't believe MS anymore. It's just next try of buying some time.
In this statement, there is no word: "LIVE" - so it means nothing (we think Natal only).

This statement was not even signed by anyone.

So we are pissed off :P

ok, but that's history.

What's next:

Thare are many People like us - in different Countries. Romania, Greece, and more, much more. Some of us are part of the European Union.

So we need your's support. Tell us here, how this thing looks like in your's country.
If there are similar actions in your country - Please contact us.

We are all paying full prices for games without legal way to use multiplayer, we have to  cheat MS regulations and register at different Countries, and prepare VPN connections to download content, that should not be blocked in our country.

So HAND IN HAND! Together we can make much, much more!

How Xbox Live looks in Poland:

1. We cannot sign in, without changing console regional settings
2. We can't play officially multiplayer games (Even, if games like Army of Two - basicly only MP game are in shops)
3. Codes for DLC are removed from games published in Poland.
4. We can't buy DLC (for ex. Assassin's Creed II - Battle of Forli, it's incompatible with polish version of game).
5. Sony PSN is fully supported in Poland on PS3 consoles.
6. We are hearing lies about Xbox live announcement from 6 years.

How it looks in your country?