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: TV 42 cale 720p
: Gabrial July 20, 2019, 09:17:08
Hello everyone,,
I'm thinking about buying a new TV (but it's like this on holiday) because I'm buying a 360'tke.
I was thinking about a plasma, lcdika 42 inches can be obtained only from + 2k PLN, unfortunately I do not have such a budget.
This tv has only me to be used to play, as you know with the plasma is a small resolution and few games are full hd so I do not see the sense of tv with full hd to play. 32 inches is not enough and I would like to add 400 PLN and I was thinking about something like this ( (

I would like you to give your own suggestions and whether it is really worth buying 42 inches full hd
: Odp: TV 42 cale 720p
: meatbag July 20, 2019, 23:02:19
I think'ę nobody ever needs more than 32" 720p.