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PlayStation 4 / Ps4 or ps4 pro for first ps4?
« dnia: Sierpień 26, 2019, 15:29:08 »
The best thing I can say about the pro is it cuts the hell out of some load times. Games like blood borne where the load screens can normally last anywhere between 30-45 seconds gets cuts down to 10-15, which is huge for me because that adds up over dozens of hours playing. Especially games like that where you die a lot and have to re try things. Ill spend the extra $100 for the pro if its truly better. Just wanting to know what is the best choice. I do not play any playstation exclusives. I will only play FPS as in CODs, Destiny, Overwatch etc. you get the point. So will the ps4 pro's extra horse power help me in those games? or will it help the overall system be more snapper? As in changing applications, closing applications, etc. Thanks!

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