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Fake controller?
« dnia: Sierpień 13, 2019, 10:20:15 »
Hello everyone,,
I bought a controller from ebay and I think it's fake. Seller had good feedback and the pics on ebay were clearly of original controllers, but it came without any box or instructions. It connects to my PS4 but the LED glows in a different shade of orange and in a different pattern when charging; the grain on L, R buttons and analogs is different; the ps4 logo in the button looks cheap; it's lighter; back sticker misses some logos and Sony logo looks weird. The seller replied the controller is 100% original from factory and asked if I'd like to have 20% off to keep the controller.

What do you think? Is it fake?

1: I added the pics I sent them

2: Now he has 3 negative feedbacks and 3 neutral for these controllers...