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Where are my cups!?
« dnia: Lipiec 20, 2019, 09:30:28 »
Hello everyone,,
Maybe I need to panic, but where did my trophy go !?

Here's what's left for me: Well, you fuck me ... The matter looks like I removed about 30 games from the disc about 3 days ago (with PSS), I made a backup of what I have left for the USB flash drive (8GB - incl. . Wipeout HD, Shatter, Save, and so on) and formatted the drive to be able to install Linux. Later, of course, I recreated this data and I have not played to this day. I start the console today, I try to synchronize the list of cups a few times - lime, I can not do it ( I'm not alone).

Well, I turned on Siren Blood, I lost 30min. Then Wipeouta HD - and here the stairs started, because the console told me to download the activation key, which I did. I installed this key, the game started (but the update was first downloaded 2.10) and I flew a bit. The next game that I wanted to play was Shatter, but also did not want to run (something copyright protection, I do not remember exactly). I bought Shatter in the US PSS, so I logged in to the account there and started to download it again. At 5% I canceled the download and returned to my main Polish account. This time Shatter fired. While browsing the scoreboard and comparing with friends, something tempted me to check how many% of the trophies I have in this game - and what do I see? Well, big huj ... my list of cups has shrunk to three titles,

Maybe someone has encountered such a phenomenon? I do not know whether to try to synchronize the trophies on the console or fuck her against the wall ... I'm afraid that now during the synchronization list from the console will overwrite me on the SONY servers - is it possible? Sorry for minor curses, but I can not do it differently.