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: DLSS & Nvidia Freestyle Sharpening
: berlinkhan September 14, 2019, 14:55:31
So, I've gotten myself a RTX 2080 Ti a couple of weeks ago, and I am still getting used to technologies like Ray Tracing, DLSS & Nvidia Freestyle Sharpening.

Now, I'm playing 'Control' at the moment and it has - supposedly - one of the best DLSS implementations of any game that supports it. I am playing the game on 1440p (native) with DLSS on and rendering @960p.

This does a great deal for FPS, but the image quality gets a bit blurry at times (Freestyle Sharpening helps a bit). Is it true that DLSS renders the game at a lower resolution and then upscales it to the native resolution? If so, it sounds more like 'Dynamic Resolution' technology.

And why can I only choose 960p as a render resolution? For 1440p native this sounds a bit low. I would think 1080p fits better.

I have still no idea how DLSS works and the articles online are quickly clouded with 4K/4xMSAA examples, when I play at 1440p.
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