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: Vane
: Emiel December 03, 2016, 22:39:33 (

Ciekawie zapowiadający się indyk.

Discover a strange land with a hidden mystery. 
Explore the secrets of the past to find the remnants of your future.
The storm is coming.

Vane is an atmospheric adventure about unraveling the secrets of an unknown land, finding your place in it, and pulling at the threads of the world to make a change. The shifting sands glimmer with meaning, ancient ruins resonate with power, but in the distance a billowing threat looms. Find your way.

Vane will be released for the PS4 in 2017.
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: Bloodergo December 03, 2016, 23:45:18
Bardziej niż grą jestem zainteresowany soundtrackiem :)
: Odp: Vane
: Misiakk December 04, 2016, 10:59:04 (